There were times when I couldn't differentiate between solidarity and isolation. For me, it was similar concept. I believed that solidarity eventually will lead to isolation. For few years now since i have noticed that I need some alone time in a day. In particular, about an hour before I fell asleep. I will be... Continue Reading →

What’s holding me back?

I remember, when I was choosing a career, I wanted a career that I can equip myself to work from anywhere in the world. The only thing I can think of at the time was to become a researcher. I think I was academically oriented but was not good enough to compete in the world... Continue Reading →

Life is about change

I believe that nothing can stay static or same in one point or place. Life is about change because you are constantly engaging in different views, perspectives, beliefs and values. Life is about change because every time you change, you are entering to new phase of your life. Life is about change because it is... Continue Reading →

New beliefs vs old tendencies

One raining day, I met with a friend over breakfast. I met her over a workshop and since then our relationship continued. We exchange our thoughts, comfortably challenging our believes, and provide support when needed. Well, since we know each other, we are different individual now, meaning that we have progressed rapidly and come a... Continue Reading →

Can you change my life?

Whilst I was continuously seeking for myself, I was looking for someone to come into my life or something to happen to change my life. Well, without attracting them, I guess, I did have an extraordinary life as it is. In that sense, I believe every single life path is unique and extraordinary because no... Continue Reading →

Meaning of being vulnerable

When you ask 10 people to explain their meaning of 'Being Vulnerable', I suspect you might find 10 versions of meaning attached to this phrase. I have been taught "not to show my vulnerability to others". Simply because being vulnerable means that you are giving others great reasons to attack your weakness. I received message... Continue Reading →

External Approval

I have found it might be a tendency for anyone to seek for external approval. I have used it as a way to benchmark myself, evaluate myself, and validate myself. Recently, I have realised that I was seeking external approval for expressing my anger. When I explored this, I have found that I viewed anger... Continue Reading →

Earth Hour

Are you aware of Earth Hour? Do you participate in this? For many years, I thought environmental issues are something I don't know how to approach it. It is out of my hand. I couldn't think of many things I can do to contribute to this. Although I started to not waste water, no through... Continue Reading →

Coincidence or Meant to?

On one of my weekend, when I had nothing in particular scheduled, I've been asked for a help. I've realised that I had few spare hours that I needed to spend outside. So, I've carefully prepared my bag, filled with things that I can do while I wait. Charged my laptop until last minutes in... Continue Reading →

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