Be the change you want to see

This is one of the quotes that I’ve encountered in my youth and I have remembered since.

I remember the first time I’ve read this quote, I asked myself “What do I want to see in the world?” and “How can I live as an example in the world I want to see?”

To be honest, I put this in the hard basket after considering for awhile.

Then, every now and then, in particular when I am at turning point of my life, I remember this quote and ask myself the same questions that I have asked before again and again.

Up to date, I am still considering what are my answers to these questions. I want a peaceful world where everyone can live their daily life without a harm. I want to live in a world where human dignity is respected without a doubt. I want to live in a place where children are nurtured as the future leaders.

So, “how can I live as an example in the world I want to see?” For me, such question is something beyond my hands. I have now learnt and decided I will live at my best ability as a human being who can lead the way to the world I wan to see.

“What kind of place do you want to live in?”
“What approach are you going to put in place for you to achieve this?”

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