My Identity

I was always searching for my identity. The question “WHO AM I?” was a question that remain unanswered for many years. Until this date, I am still searching for myself.

Where do I belong?
Who do I belong?
What do I have to define me?
What do I have that is unique to myself?
What’s unique?
What is a unique contribution I can make to the society? to the world?

Many time I felt that I was in a wrong place, connecting with wrong people. I felt uncomfortable most of time because I felt I do not belong here. Interestingly, I was so afraid to loose that connection too. Often, I felt that I am lost so the question raise again “Who am I?”

When I discuss with family members and friends, no one seems to have such question/problem. Many people replied “you are you”. Yes. and? I am still confused and not convinced. So, who am I?

At the end of 2018, I have participated in a training course where we happen to discuss issues around ‘Being’. From this, I have realised, it is not likely that I will find another individual who have experienced my life as who I am. There might be possibility that you can find people who have experienced similar situations but it is unlikely to find a person who have experienced a same situation as you. Felt in same way as you do. This fact itself is enough to claim “I am an unique person who is capable to make unique contributions to the society”. This was the first time I actually felt that I am unique Being and have unique contribution to make for the society.

Since then, I believe everyday is a special day that I am living in. Whether I feel that I contribute to the society or not, my existence in the world is my contribution to the society.

From there I felt that Being in the world is significant. If my Being is a significant existence than I want to live each day to my fullest cherishing existence of me. What a gift to be born and live as a human being?

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