Blue sky

When I was a undergraduate my life was ‘upside down’, as my mother called it. I had odd sleeping patterns. Basically, it was easier to get me online during the night than during the day. It was usual practice for me to chat online for 8 hours straight. I was so depended on my computer and this online connection. I did built a great friendship during this time.
Probably, to some extent, I am sort of moving away from this connection though our society connected us via online platforms.

My life now starts early in the morning and ends early at night. Thanks for my brother who trained me well to this lifestyle and I think I am liking it. In particular, during hot summer it allows me to write before the heat hit the day.

At the moment, we are entering autumn, meaning sunrise is slowly getting later. This means that during my travelling time to work, I am so fortunate to see the sunrise as I am commuting. It is a magnificent view especially around the river and city views.

Although we are estimating that the temperature will peak at high 30 degree celsius, no clouds, blue sky and warm light of sun. I love these time of the day, everywhere you look is just so pretty.

When I am doing a deep breathing exercise, I’ve learnt to breathing in this colour. Blue sky or warm orange. This depends on my mood at the time but it changes my mood instantly.
Blue will calm me down and gives me a clear sheet.
Orange will give me warmth of life and motivates me to keep moving.

What colour are you bringing in to your life?
What are you feeling when you breathing in these colours?

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