Learning to talk and listen to my body

I learnt to talk and listen to my body in my late 20s. I started to notice things like:
– I will get a bit depressed sometime
– I will not function well
– I get cravings for sweets and food
– I get thirsty

Bits by bits, I started to question why I have such symptoms and reasons behind each of them.

In my late 20s, I had lost a boyfriend who knew me better than I did at time. I have tendency to think about him and get a bit sad before my menstruation. Every month I will have this period of feeling lonely and isolated. This becomes a sign of my menstruation.

I will not function well for first few days of menstruation due to lack of sleep during this period. This becomes better when I started to take pill as suggested by my doctors.

I get cravings for sweets and food when I am stressed or depressed. Yes. I am a comfortable eater to regulate my emotions. Since my awareness, I have decreased number of comfortable eating every week.

I get thirsty when I have too much of something (i.e. salty food, sweets etc.) and when I needs a break from my current stressful task.

I have also learnt that when I am getting migraine, there are three possibilities: 1) flu; 2) exposure to bluelight without my glasses; or 3) lack of water consumption of the day.

I also found that I will function better in the afternoon if I had a power nap for 20-30 minutes in the early afternoon.

Some of these are learnt behaviour to avoid certain things. Others are messages from my body that I ignored for a long time but I can’t tolerate that anymore.

What is the message that your body is sending to you?
Are you willing to listen to the message from your body?

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