Inspiration from children: significance of life

I am fortunate to live with my brother’s family with my niece (6 years old) and nephew (20 months). Sitting at lounge with my niece and we were watching a program that were tracing a person’s life.

The story was about a couple who wanted to welcome a baby. After five years of hard work, at very last chance, the wife was pregnant. Four months into her pregnancy she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The program was showing two years after this incidence from the husband’s view.

My niece is one of those really into reality, truth in life. She watches news as her favourite program and she asks question. So, as usual practice, I will breakdown big words to her intellectual ability.

We were watching this program that was at that making decision moment; life of mother or baby. Our conversations were as follows:

Me: This couple have to make a decision between baby’s life or mum’s life. They can’t have both. Doctor is asking them they can only have one of them.
Niece: I will choose my life.
Me: Okay, it means you are not going to have a baby.
Niece: yes. that’s right.
Me: It is a hard choice. They (couple in the program) is having trouble choosing too.
Niece: I will still choose my life.
Me: Okay.
Niece: Deputy Principle came today for 10 minutes before the class start to substitute for substitute teacher who was running late. Then, he had a conversation with us (Grade 1). He asked us “what’s the most important thing in your life?” and the answer was “you”. So the most important thing in my life is me. So, I will choose my life.
Me: Good for you. Please remember that all the time.

I nearly cried in front of her. I remembered a news from two days ago in Japan, two grade 6 girls killed themselves, just few days before their primary school graduation ceremony. So many incidences of suicides in the world. Inside me, I really thanked her Deputy Principle who told her that. It might be an usual day conversation but it really engraved in her life and it woke me up!

This is a really simple statement but as time passes, I tend to forget about these simple answers to life. I start to consider other factors, good and bad, being confused by the external factors and information in the world. I tend to be lost in the information. But, what matters in life is such a simple thing.

What matters to you now?
When you cut out all noises; is that still what matters to you?

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