Appropriate connectedness

Recently, I have realised that I’ve taught inappropriate connectedness. Well, I guess, I’ve been modelled inappropriate connectedness but I learnt it as the appropriate connection. Not only with parents, with my brother and sister, with close friends, with relatives, with acquaintances, or with outsiders. Never understand what’s an appropriate distance with them too.

I blamed on my experience of acculturation, moving from one culture to another, adapting to different cultures. In fact, it was not even that. Acculturation certainly did contribute but it was not knowing my personal space.

Personal space is something that isn’t a luxury

ーIt’s a necessity like air or water.

Sabrina Choquette-Tully

No one told me I was entitled to this space. Now I know, it is about arm length. Or for me, a bit more than that, especially with outsiders.

Everybody has a line.

It doesn’t matter how you’re dressed onstage

or what you say in your songs,

that doesn’t give anybody the right to invade your personal space.

Lzzy Hale

In my childhood, my personal space was constantly invaded. They’ve crossed over as there were no walls, no respect, or no consideration. They’ve treated me as if I’m part of their belongings and they’ve right to do so. Not surprisingly, they believed they will getaway with it. Or probably, they are not aware of this concept of personal space. Regardless of the reason behind their invasion, they’ve invaded my personal space.

I take invasion of my personal space very seriously.

Rock Kid

If they try to invade my personal space now, I will tell them to get out and they are not welcomed here, in my personal space. Closer they come, farther I run away from them.

In other words, I have put up a boundary to protect my personal space.

Your personal space is yours.

Don’t let anyone invade it.

Ritu Mandaan

I choose how and when to connect with others in an appropriate manner, where we mutually respect our boundaries and personal space.

I have a choice to determine how much I want to share my life and when to share my life with others.

These are my choices and will not be enforced by others.

I will also respect the decisions and personal space of others.

What is an appropriate connectedness for you?

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