Coincidence or Meant to?

On one of my weekend, when I had nothing in particular scheduled, I’ve been asked for a help. I’ve realised that I had few spare hours that I needed to spend outside. So, I’ve carefully prepared my bag, filled with things that I can do while I wait. Charged my laptop until last minutes in case it run out of battery and I have no where to charge. Firstly, I packed my laptop and its charger so I can respond to emails and write. Then, I packed two books in case I got bored, one new one. Lastly, water and snacks so I can feed myself. I am very proud of my backpack is nice and heavy as usual and I can definitely kill hours with all these items.

When I’ve found a spot to settle, I started to unpack my bag. Then I’ve realised I remembered everything else but my dear laptop. Tried to unpack my bag many times, searched million times, and still, can’t find my laptop. I said to myself “My backpack was nice and heavy as usual (including my laptop). I am sure it is in there.” Well, I can’t find my laptop out of nothing. So eventually, I accepted the fact that I totally left my laptop behind. “Arrr… What is the point to be so excited to spend several hours alone?”

To change my mode, I decided to take a new book with me out of two books I took with me. From there, for two hours, I spend solely reading this book. This book was introduced to me as a self-development book. Although, its title is far from that. If I wasn’t introduced, it is a book I will never pick for myself.

This book was on my desk for about two weeks since its arrival. I thought it will become one of those books that I collect but never open the first page or go through forward. Well, eventually, I started to read forward then introduction. It took me two hours to read first 10 pages of this book. It was confronting. It made so much sense but it really bought forward new perspective of how I view my life as a woman. Let me explain why I felt the way I did when I read this book.

I have a vow that I made to my mentor while ago. My vow evolved as I grow. However, the core vow never changed. It just evolved to include more people. My drive to research career was initiated by this vow to empower a woman who comes into my life. I want to become an individual who can inspire others to empower woman. The author of this book was doing it already. She was a living example of how to fulfill my vow. She has proved it is possible to fulfill my vow.

I am aware that I might achieve my vow similar to how she has achieved. However, I am willing to walk any path that’s going to lead me to it. What a exciting path I am on at moment?

What is your vow?
How are you going to achieve your vow?

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