Earth Hour

Are you aware of Earth Hour?
Do you participate in this?

For many years, I thought environmental issues are something I don’t know how to approach it. It is out of my hand. I couldn’t think of many things I can do to contribute to this. Although I started to not waste water, no through rubbish on streets etc, I felt environmental issues were overwhelming.

This is when I heard about Earth Hour. Something I can show my commitment from my house.

This year, Earth Hour is on:
30th March
08:30 pm at your local time for an hour.

One year, I was in the middle of town. I was aware of Earth Hour but I was wondering around the town and forgot about the time. Then, I looked around wondering what’s happening.
I start to realise majority of local shops, hotels, restaurants were dimmed.
It was enough to stop me to think what’s going on.
Living in a place electricity outrage happens quite often, I thought we are having blackout, lost electricity.
Soon, I realised shops still had some electricity though it was dimmed to minimal.
Then, I realised, it was Earth Hour!!
Although I was upset that I forgot about it and wasn’t able to participate per se, I was impressed by the number of participants for Earth Hour.

About a week to this year’s Earth Hour.
Are you ready to turn off your lights for an hour with me?

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