I choose to determine my own value & my worth

For a long time, I have failed to see my worth for myself. I knew that I am worth something but I always thought it is minimal. In comparison to others, I am an ordinary human being. I am not a superstar, I am not known for something I do or I did, I didn’t do anything to standout or unique. I am a student, I am a woman, I am only me.

So, for a long time, other people valued my worth more than I did for myself. They recognised and valued my worth. They kept saying things that I didn’t believe it was a quality I had. I trusted them but I thought they were saying for the sake of saying it.

Only recently, I started to realise how far I have come. How much people believed in me nurtured me, trained me, equipped me. I strongly believe because of their constant effort, I am able to stand proudly on where I am. Not only skill sets, they invested their time on my personal development. Eventually, I started to recognise their efforts. I began to feel the inner change in myself. I own them a great debts and gratitude that they kept me going, constantly invested in me.

Your value doesn’t decrease because someone’s inability to see your worth.

Ted Rubin

One day when someone devalued my inability to perform a task, I felt very upset. Then, I realised I was upset because he/she not only devalued me but they’ve also devalued those who nurtured me. Probably, I was over exaggerating but that’s how I’ve felt. I guess, another part of me were looking for external approval as well.

Recently, I was able to find a stronger connection with myself. Then, external comments become a noise. I know my own value and others cannot interfere with that value because of their inability to see that. I choose to graduate them from my life. I choose to have a clear boundaries with them. I choose to determine my own value of of my worth.

What value would you put on yourself?

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