Can you change my life?

Whilst I was continuously seeking for myself, I was looking for someone to come into my life or something to happen to change my life. Well, without attracting them, I guess, I did have an extraordinary life as it is. In that sense, I believe every single life path is unique and extraordinary because no one person can experience the same thing in the same way.

Let me share an experience that opened my eyes.

I was looking at a painting. It was a painting that traced a person on a boat in a dark stormy sea heading towards a small light. It was a small painting that was displayed on a wall.
A person next to me asked “What can you see?”
I explained what I see in the painting and she continued “What else can you see?”
I thought I am too focused on the painting so I started to take a distance from the painting so I can see its surroundings. Nothing was different to what I have explained above.
I must looked puzzled so she asked again “What else can you see?”
Still can’t find the answer so she gave me a bit of clue by asking a different question “Who can you see?”
I illustrated that I can see a person on a boat. She asked again “Who else can you see?”
Then, I have realised this painting has a wooden frame but inside that wooden frame, as part of that painting, they were bordered with mirrors so I answered “me?”
She grinned and explained “yes. you are actually in the picture as well, travelling towards the light you see there. This is your journey.”

If you are searching for that one person, who will change your life, take a look in the mirror…

Rohan Sharma

I believe situation and immediate environment certainly can influence your life. People can also impact your life.

However, only I can change my life if I choose to do so.

Who do you see in the mirror?
Are ready to take action?

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