Life is about change

I believe that nothing can stay static or same in one point or place.

Life is about change because you are constantly engaging in different views, perspectives, beliefs and values.
Life is about change because every time you change, you are entering to new phase of your life.
Life is about change because it is part of growth and development.

Life is about change.

Sometimes it’s painful.

Sometimes it’s beautiful.

But most of the time, it’s both.

Lana Lang

I relate to above quote as very familiar situation in my life. When I encounter a difficult situation or being challenged, I try my best to seek for the best lesson of this experience. At the worst, I might conclude “it was a very unpleasant experience” but “at least now I know this is unpleasant experience”. I have also realised that it is my choice to whether I want to see the bright side of it or not.

Probably, one of the most challenging situation for me was when I lost a significant person in my life. Losing this person was very painful whilst I can appraise what this person have given me through our interactions. So, yes, change is both painful and beautiful. It is quite rare for me to remember an experience as a painful memory. Because as a quote below states:

The first step toward change is awareness.

The second step is acceptance.

Nathaniel Branden

I believe once I am aware of my own situation, and accept that as a fact of life, then I am able to move toward change if I choose to. If I decided to stay in current situation, I will have a clear answer to the question ‘why I want to stay’.

Life is about change. Even though life seems not moving anywhere becoming aware that it is not moving anywhere in itself is a first step to change. Then, it is your choice to act on it or not. Life is the continuous choices of change that become footprint of your life path.

What footprint are you stamping on your path today?

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