There were times when I couldn’t differentiate between solidarity and isolation. For me, it was similar concept. I believed that solidarity eventually will lead to isolation.

For few years now since i have noticed that I need some alone time in a day. In particular, about an hour before I fell asleep. I will be frustrated when this time is destructed. For me, this was a down time, preparing to sleep. Destruction of this time meaning that I need more time to winding down.

I particularly treasure this time when I had a ‘big day’. It is a day when I had a physically or psychologically stressful day. Many days, I find myself crush to the bed which might drag out few days in the worst case. Then, I have learn to have a day off where I make no appointments with friends, no going out for shopping, and turnoff phones. I planned to do nothing but to care for myself. Everything I do on the day will depend on my heart at the time. Sleep as much as I want to, eat what I want to eat and anything else that my heart tell me to do.

Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world so I can hear my own


When I think back now, this is the time I was repairing myself.
This is the time I reflect to say whether I stretched too thin or allowed someone to crossover boundaries or shall I consider a new boundary.
This is the time I have a dialogue with my inner self how to protect my personal space.
This is when all external voices are discounted and my inner voice been given the first priority to voice.
This is the time when my heart get a chance to prioritise myself over others.
This is when my heart rest preparing for next beat.

I treasure this time of solidarity because it is giving myself permission to choose who to connect to, when to connect, and how to connect. Different to isolation when one choose not to connect with anyone, solidarity empowers inner self a choice.

Can you hear your inner self?
What is your inner voice telling you now?
How are you going to respond to your inner self?

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