Coincidence or Meant to?

On one of my weekend, when I had nothing in particular scheduled, I've been asked for a help. I've realised that I had few spare hours that I needed to spend outside. So, I've carefully prepared my bag, filled with things that I can do while I wait. Charged my laptop until last minutes in... Continue Reading →

Who’s ‘normal’ me?

I was always in the search for myself. Who am I? Who am I suppose to be? Who can I be? Who should I be? Where am I? Where can I find me? What's 'normal' me? Transferring to different countries during my childhood and young adulthood, I always searched for myself. More than that, I... Continue Reading →

Family: My perspective

Family is one of the essential components in my life. I was bounded by my family tradition and expectations. I don't know how others define dys/functional family but for me it was a reality, just the way it is, and that was where I feel that I belonged to. Traditional family structure of my ethnicity,... Continue Reading →

What is the most valuable treasure?

Many years, I searched for my treasure. Asking around , I've realised that everyone had different perspectives on this. Some were materialistic and others were more internalised. I guess, it is depending on the circumstances and situation of a person that treasure of the life may change. There's no right or wrong, nor no better... Continue Reading →

Appropriate connectedness

Recently, I have realised that I've taught inappropriate connectedness. Well, I guess, I've been modelled inappropriate connectedness but I learnt it as the appropriate connection. Not only with parents, with my brother and sister, with close friends, with relatives, with acquaintances, or with outsiders. Never understand what's an appropriate distance with them too. I blamed... Continue Reading →

When I was in the dark

There were times in my life that I felt depressed and thought I've hidden it well, but I probably just thought I was. Let me share one of such experience. When I was an undergraduate student, I met a book which traced my life up to that point. It probably was the first time I've... Continue Reading →

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