My maternal grandmother

Recently, I have lost my maternal grandmother. Probably in comparison to my maternal grandfather, I did not share much in common with her. Part of this is communication problem and the other is we didn't have much interactions. I know she was a year older than my grandfather, meaning that she was born before world... Continue Reading →

What have you choose to do in this moment?

I have several memories that taught me the importance of today. One of such time was when I lost my boyfriend. It's been more than a decade but I still remember his last words like been told yesterday. It was a sudden death and I still search for things "if..." If I didn't continue study...... Continue Reading →

How you want to be remembered?

When you think about anyone who have influenced your life, do you remember their act? or do you remember what they have done?Some I remember because of what they've said to me or statement they've made.Some I remember because of what they've done in their life. My mother was a fairly education motivated person. She... Continue Reading →

How do I guess what’s unsaid?

I am not an active listener or patient listener. I have noticed over few years that when I am having a conversation or dialogue with someone, I am constantly analysing and making assumptions, often find myself in my own world. This was part of how I grow up, learning new language which made no sense... Continue Reading →

Grandparents: Maternal grandpa

I never thought I will write about my grandparents. However, I saw a post that tracked back a memory of a grandparents and remembered my own grandparents. So, let me start of my maternal grandfather. By memory, I think he was born before the World War II. He was educated in a strict authoritarian system... Continue Reading →

Who’s friend? Who’s acquaintance?

For many years, my friends circle had two colours: black or white; in or out. Everyone will be in once they've gained my trust and they'll be out when they've crossed my boundaries for twice. This means that it will take me awhile to let them in to my white circle. Similarly, it will take... Continue Reading →

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