It’s a raining day♫

I love my raining days. It’s just one of those days that everything you planned will be cancelled, unless it is absolutely necessary. For me, raining day is a day that I have been granted to use in the way I want to. Majority of time, it will become a day that I catch up with my sleep, reading day, in the bed day, or movie day. It is a day when I do whatever I like to do.

When I can’t sleep, I put on raining sounds to sleep. I guess, it actually relaxes me. I like the smells of the garden after the rain too. It is so refreshing. I guess, it has some cleansing function to it too.

During those years when I was at uni, I don’t usually carry an umbrella with me. Even it was raining heavily, I will keep walking out in the rain. It was like a shower, cleansing myself and my thoughts. I still want to do this sometime but I have to control myself that I am a bit old for it. Well, thinking about after mess, I think I better not to be so wild. Well, either way I shall say that I am enjoying the raining part of it.

I remember one raining day I was taking a plane to somewhere. I think it was first time I took a plane in such weather. Once we were on the air, I realised it was sunny above the clouds. It really fascinated me. In a distance, where there were breaking of clouds, I saw rainbows and it reminded me that without rain, there’s no rainbow too.

Some raining days can turn into a wild creature. It shows the power of nature as well. Others are just enough to nurture all living beings.

What are you doing in a raining day?
Do you enjoy them?

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