Learning from children: What shall I say other than ‘sorry’?

My niece is growing into a very interesting character. She was always bright girl but she is getting sharper.

One day, she was having moody moments so I asked her why. She answered “I am very angry and upset about you broke my piano!”
I have stepped on her keyboard few days prior out of accident. It was on the floor and while I was playing with my nephew I accidentally stepped on it. The speaker was damaged but it still have sounds and all the functions. However, it seems a part come loose and it makes some sounds.

“I’m sorry.” I said and then our conversation continued.
Niece: Do you know how I feel?
Me: Sad?
Niece: Imagine that I have accidentally ripped a page of your novel. How do you feel?
Me: I will be really disappointed and upset and sad.
Niece: Yes. That’s exactly how I felt.
Me: Yes. You have really respected my belongings and treated them with upmost care. Thank you.
Niece: Yes. Please respect my toys too.
Me: Sure. I will try my best. I am so sorry.

She got her point. She did treat my belongings with respect and care but I didn’t. She just pointed out how I thought I was taking care of her toys but not enough. Indeed I treat them as replaceable items rather than the special toy.

How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.

Paulo Coelho

My niece told me that “I am treating your belongings and I would like you to treat m belongings in the same manner.” I believe this extends beyond belongings. How I treat myself will be my reflection about myself. How I treat others in return will be how I will be treated.

How would you like to be treated today?
Are you treating yourself in the same way as you want to be treated?
Are you returning the same respect when someone respect yours?

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