How wealthy am I?

When someone ask you “What is your wealth?”, what will be your response?

According to Oxford dictionary, there are three definitions to the word ‘wealth’:
1) An abundance of valuable possessions or money;
2) Plentiful supplies of a particular resource;
3) Wellbeing.

If someone happen to ask me ‘what is my wealth?’ I probably will get a bit offended. Why shall I reveal my material wealth to you?

I remember a conversation I had with an elderly. She told me what her mother told her in her childhood. “Even in the time of difficulty of material wealth, remember the wealth of your heart.”

You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.

Garth Brooks

As my family lived abroad, we weren’t a wealthy family. Just enough to keep us going and it wasn’t to the extend to be called poverty. I believe my parents tried their best to put meals on the table. It was very rare for us to have new toys or clothing or dinning in a fast food restaurant.

Now thinking back, what kept us going was the determination that we have to make a living here, we have to survive here, and the notion that there is no way back. Even in the lower end of the society, we need to keep going until we get to the other end. I think this was what my parents strived for.

Wealth is not about having a lot of money.

It is about having a lot of options.

Chris Rock

Even though we have limited material wealth, we still had the wealth of determination to keep going. In that sense, I am proud of my parents what they have done and achieved. They were determined to provide more options for their children. They had modelled that with wealth of the heart, we can keep going.

Don’t be afraid of your worst times.

If you learn from them you’ll look back on them as the best times.

Robert Kiyosaki

I have wealth that no one can buy or exchange with me.
I have my life, body, spirit and faith that are engraved in my life.
I have my heart that is constantly trained to be a better person.
I have experience that I cannot exchange with other things.
I have my connections/relationships that are irreplaceable.

When you take off the accessories of material wealth:
Do you have something left in your hands?
Can you think of anything that you are proud about?
Is there anything no one can buy from you?

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