What shall I write?

Many people suggested me to write. I hesitated because I felt I don’t have anything worth to share. More than that I see myself incompetent to write in English. What was I afraid for? judgement.

One day, a friend finally convinced me to write. I use to write in a language other than English but I stopped because I lost my motivation. I still didn’t know what to write, well, to be honest, I had so much things I wanted to write but all topics were interrelated and I felt, without explaining one, the other one doesn’t make sense. I felt overwhelmed and confused so the very first day, I did nothing but wrote down every topic that I might consider writing. It was from my life journey to my feelings, inspiration and human encounters.

Composing my first few posts were fascinating. Even though I write as a part of my job, it was something I never experienced. As Tobias Wolff stated:

A true piece of writing is dangerous thing.

It can change your life.

Tobias Wolff

One day, I was writing about my personal life as usual and I had to stop several times before I can continue writing. I read and read what I have written but still didn’t know what’s bothering me. Then, it dawned on me that by writing my personal life, I have just realised a new truth which was now enough to disturb my emotions. I remember that moment, I had to stop and debrief with someone what I’ve just written/realised. It was a truth but it never occurred to me to think in such manner. It probably didn’t change my life but it certainly changed my perspective about my life.

I think without my own intention, my current life is bounded by writing. It can related to my own study, my work or writing for this blog. Probably, academic writing is my least preference genre but that’s the only genre I learnt how to write. When I get tired writing for my own study or work, I turn here as a reward or relaxation place to write. As Dan Simmons said:

It’s one of the strangest attributes of this profession that when we writers get exhausted writing one thing, we relax by writing another.

Dan Simmons

Very interesting. I am yet to consider writer as a profession/career but I am currently enjoying what I am writing. I believe more I write, I become clearer about my thinking and ultimately where I want to be.

What is in your mind that you want to communicate with others?
Is there anything you want to share?
What will you be writing today?

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