What is my dream?

‘Too big” is just about the right size for young people’s dreams.

Josei Toda

I have come across to this quote in my youth. It come across multiple times. Many people told me to dream big but then I was confused. What do they mean by dream big?

Become a famous person? trying to solve an unsolved mystery? become an individual people will remember for centuries?

I don’t have a big dream. All I wanted is ‘normal life’ where I can find happiness in everyday life. I want to appreciate every moment in everyday life. So What is a ‘big enough’ dream?

When I think about it, it must be beyond my small self. Then, because I was too focused on this, I was seeking external approval/validation all the time.

When a friend asked me about my dream, I didn’t have an answer. I had dreams that were about others but not a single dream just for myself.
‘What do you want in your life?’ I don’t know.
‘What if all your dreams for others are fulfilled, what’s your dream?’ I don’t know.
May be I don’t have a dream, but I have a vow that I have made to my life mentor. Isn’t that enough to keep me moving?

We are never in lack of money.

We lack people with dreams.

Who can die for those dreams.

Jack Ma

‘Do I have a dream that I can die for?’ Good question. Probably yes, and no.
‘What do I want in my life that I don’t have at moment?’ I don’t know.
‘What if I know?’ I probably have everything I need in my life at moment.
‘If there’s no limitation to what you can have in your life, what would you like to have?’ I don’t know.

When I’ve been challenged by these questions, I tend to think that is that mean I am not going anywhere that I am so easily satisfied? Or am I appreciative to things that I have at moment? Or am I not having envision? What is a dream?

Let me share with you an episode when I was lost in myself.
Someone asked me “What’s your needs and wants in your everyday life?” I must looked puzzled.
She explained further “Needs in life are things that you must have in your life. For example, I need my private space, meditation, and walk with dog everyday. Wants in life are things that you want to have but you can live without it. For example, I want a gorgeous red sports car to drive around but I don’t have it, and I can live without it. Another example, I want to have connection with my grandchildren but I don’t need to have it everyday in my life. So what’s your needs and wants?” I was very lost.

What are the essentials that I must have in my everyday? and what are good to have in my everyday? To do this list, I needed to have a descent and profound conversation with myself. Similar to my dreams, what do I need for myself?

My dreams now are:
1. to have a strong connection with myself
2. to inspire others through empowering their inner strength
These dreams might change but that’s part of my growth.

What are your dreams?
Are you living your dreams today?

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