What’s my choice?

About a year ago, I was attracted to personal growth. When I commenced this personal growth journey, I have realised everything I do, is down to my choice, my decision. This reality that “I have a choice” hit to my heart.

I knew I have chosen to follow my path.
I knew I am walking the correct life path.
I knew I am improving and growing to a better person.
However, I was bounded by many things.

I thought I was bounded and conditioned by my parents, culture, ethnicity, faith, friendships, perspectives, opinions, and judgements. Some of these chains were created by myself and others were created by others but I felt I was tied up to it. I feel like I was slowly sinking through a swamp. It did not sink overnight. It took years after years to sunk and by the time I realised, I couldn’t get out of it.
I questioned myself over and over again. Disappointed myself by not knowing a solution to survive in such traps.

With all these strong beliefs, I commenced this personal growth journey and soon realised “I have a choice.” Interestingly, when I realised that I have a choice, my environment started to move. Everything I see, I hear, I feel, or I do were presenting choices to me.

I remember a dialogue with a friend when I was explaining to her a challenging situation I was in. She said “you have a choice to let it continue in such way that’s not serving you anymore or you have choice to change the way you respond to such challenging situation that comes from your empowered self. You have a choice.”

This conversation reminded me of following Buddhism concept.

Three thousand realms in a single moment of life

Also, the principle of a single moment of life comprising three thousand realms. “A single moment of life” is also translated as one mind, one thought, or one thought-moment. A philosophical system established by T’ien-t’ai (538–597) in his Great Concentration and Insight on the basis of the phrase “the true aspect of all phenomena” from the second chapter of the Lotus Sutra. The three thousand realms, or the entire phenomenal world, exist in a single moment of life.

The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism

My understanding of this concept is that every single moment in my life I have a choice. Not only a choice but I have three thousand realms of choices and I can make a choice from this three thousand realms.

When I react to a situation, I have a choice on how I want to react. My reaction will depend on many factors in that given moment such as thoughts, feeling, maturity; thus, three thousand different possibilities. However, I have inner strength to react differently by elevating my life.

Let me give you an example. A good example is when I interact with my mother. When my mother ask me to do something for her, I have a choice in my reaction. Let me give you few examples of possible reactions that I might take:
1. I might lower my boundary and let her take advantage on that and I will do the task at risk of my own wellbeing.
2. I might complain to her that why it is always me and why can’t she just do it!? but do it anyway.
3. I might say I can support her to complete the task when I have time.
4. I might simply say no.
5. I might nicely tell her that I cannot accomplish the task so she needs to find her own support.
I already have five possible reaction for a single situation. This is a simple illustration that in a single moment in a life, we have three thousand possibilities to choose from.

If you can make a choice now, what is your choice?
Are you making the choice from your heart?
How would you like to react today?
What make you to choose how to react now?

If you didn’t like the way you reacted yesterday, what would you do differently next time?

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