What’s my greatest gift to my family?

I am not an illness free person. I have ups and downs with my health but in general, I am healthy. This is what I though, I believed, and I tried.

Few years back, I have been told to lose weight. It wasn’t a general discussion but after consultation with two different doctors. “Well, probably it is about the right time.” This is what I have told myself.

I was trained as competitive swimmer at one stage of my life. Can you imagine I couldn’t swim until I was in my grade 3. From there, at the end of primary school, I was competing in swimming. Soon after that, I quit swimming though. So, I was fit back then. I stopped my physical exercises but I continued eating as I used to when I was swimming. For awhile, everything was good but soon after I discovered “comfortable eating”. I eat to have a comfort, to have a psychological balance in my life. Obviously, I’ve slowly I added my weight. Things happened in between and I trained myself to reach out for more comfort. To some extent, I actually allowed myself to do so because I couldn’t replace it with anything else.

Living like that for more than a decade, finally my doctors are at me. No matter how many time people around me told me about the implication of obese, I didn’t listen in. Until this time, all the medical results were displayed in front of me. For me, these evidences were enough to stop me. I had multiple hormone related gynecological issues and a major risk factor was obesity. From there, I lost 30 kg over a year period.

When I lost weight, and not obese anymore, my mum was quite happy with the result. Well, one day she said “I feel like I finally have my daughter back.” While I was losing weight, many people asked me why and my answer was “to keep my mum happy”.

One day, I was driving my mum to a station after a consultation with my gynecologist. I told her what I have discussed with the doctor and I told her about my decision of future. Meanwhile, her sister (my aunt) was diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer. She said “As long as you’re healthy and happy, that’s all I need.”
This was a great surprise to me. She used to hassle me about my future. Where’s your boyfriend?
Aren’t you worried that you are still single?
Aren’t you going to have any children?

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is healthy you.

Joyce Meyer

Recently, I have told her that I will not have a child if I turn 40. She was surprised at the beginning. I had to repeat about three times then she said “I am happy for you that you’ve made that decision. There’s many people living with their partners and not having any children. As long as you are healthy and happy, I support your decision.” I was again surprised by her but more than that I really appreciated her understanding and support about my decision.

What’s the greatest gift you can give to your family?
What’s the greatest gift you want to receive from your family?
How can you sure your support to your family’s decision?

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