How to prove myself?

I was inspired by a friend today. Simply through her action.

Throughout the life, I encounter many people would say what they want to say but their action did not meet what they said. This will become really clear when you are in a difficult situation and how many people remain close to you as friend.

I was a natural giver, rescuer, and protector. When friends ask for help, I would be committed with my 100% for them. At some point in my life, I was testing out whether they will be there or not if I reveal my vulnerable self. Interestingly, majority of them moved on. Since then, I started collecting evidence people will not act as they said.

Anyone can say they care. But watch their actions, not their words.


Another example, I was supporting a friend when she was unwell. She appreciated my support at the time and said that she will support in return if I am unwell. Did she ever put these words in action? The answer is no. The words spoken did not match with action taken.

Words may inspire but only action creates change.

Simon Sinek

My supervisor and mentor inspired me through their words. More than that they modelled through their actions. Through their actions, I have learnt and observed change that they have created. I have seeing how taking action changed the environment, situation, and life. They have told me nothing can be change without any effort.

Everything begins with the resolve to take the first step. From that action, wisdom arises and change begins. Without action, nothing changes.

Daisaku Ikeda

Recently, my friend showed me the actual proof of her words and actions.

I gave a book for her birthday few months back. I knew she was a reader but I didn’t know her taste. She might not like it but I courageously gave her that book as a present. It was a reasonably thick book and probably a title you will not pick if you are not interested in it.
She said that she will read this book and share her perspectives. I said I will be looking forward to hear that but I thought it will be another few months.
It only took her less than a week to read and this morning, she sent me her first video which I knew that she struggled to produce for few weeks.

I was very proud of her and how she presented her impressions of reading this book. I was also very proud of myself to courageously give her this present. More than that I was very blessed to have her as my friend who proved to me that what they said meant it followed by appropriate actions. What a genuine and beautiful soul!! I was really touched by her action.

This incidence made me to reflect on my own behaviour.
As human grow up, trying to manipulate situations, many people learn how to say things for the sake of saying it.
I remember few years back when my niece was about two, I promised her something like will take her to playground but I failed to deliver it.
What have I told her?
I told her that I am a person who cannot keep a promise.
I told her that it is okay to break a promise if I have good enough reason.
I told her that taking her to playground was not my priority of the day.

She remembered and waited for whole day and she told me she was really upset because I failed to deliver something I’ve promised her. I was very shocked when I hear that. I sincerely apologised to her and promised that I will never fail to deliver what I have promised with her.
This incidence taught me a significant lesson. I saw her as a little kid but in fact I needed to see her as a capable individual who have her can choose and make decisions out of her will. She is a human being rather than a little child.

These two examples reminded me that saying with the words might be easy. Taking actions on what you have said need effort and commitment to what you have said. It is harder but it becomes the actual proof of your quality, who you are.

What are you promising today?
Are you acting to keep that promise?
Are you saying for the sake of saying it or do you mean it with action?

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