Why am I experiencing what I am experiencing?

I used to question myself “Why I have to experience what I am experiencing?” If there’s no coincidence in life, all these experiences are meant to be. Then, why am I experiencing what I am experiencing?

Many adults said “There’s a reason why you’ve experienced what you’ve experienced but you will not understand such reason until you’re encountering that reason.” Others said that “so you can understand what’s like to experience xxxxx” or “so you can become a better person” or “so you can show others ways to breakthrough such problem.” All these comments did not convince me that I had to experience what I have experienced.

When one takes action for others,

one’s own suffering is transformed into the energy that can keep one moving forward;

A light of hope illuminating a new tomorrow for oneself and others is kindled.

Daisaku Ikeda

So why am I experiencing what I am experiencing now? What’s the purpose? What does this mean to me?

I remember one day I was talking to a friend. This friend was struggling to get through some challenges. As soon as she said, I was thinking “oh no. This is why I experienced what I am experienced.” This was the first time I realised the importance of my past experience. Just simply to share my experience how I’ve overcame my challenges.

On another occasion, I shared my most sensitive experience with another friend. We been friends for awhile but I never shared this experience with her. Then, she said “Thank you so much for sharing that experience. I now know why we have been connected. “

So I’ve collected evidences that I am experiencing what I am experiencing to show and model a way for others to breakthrough challenges. Others might find their own way to a similar challenge. That’s okay because it is their experience, growth and journey. I have done my contribution by showing them that it is possible to breakthrough what they were going through. This is how I have learn to create value from every experience.

Being a rebellious me, I probably will say that “I don’t welcome challenges” but when I face challenges there’s not doubt in me that I will overcome that challenge to my best at the time. Instead of being challenges, they are opportunities to strength faith, conviction, and connection with my inner self. Taking up all possible opportunities will become my footage, a path, and unique jewels in my life.

Why are you experiencing what you are experience now?
What footage are you tracing for the future?

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