Am I giving or receiving?

I am a generous person. When I see people in difficulty, if I can, I usually offer my hands. However, in many occasions, I felt that many people take my support for granted. Some even said “I know your action is out your kindness but you are very intimidating. You’re over helpful.” This is when I found myself lost again by not knowing a healthy distance between myself and others.

You cannot give to people what they are incapable of receiving.

Agatha Christie

When I discussed my nature with a person, she told me a concept.
“If you can imagine yourself as a jar, you have your right hand to give, give to others. When you keep giving from your right hand, can you tell me what’ll happen to your jar?”
I answered that “eventually my jar will be empty if I don’t do anything”.
She smiled, nodded and continued:
“So, have you noticed that something is missing?”
She was standing in front of me, hiding her left hand behind her back, only showed her right hand with gesture of pouring into others cup. So I answered: “left hand?”
She smiled and continued “yes, do you know what your left hand do?”
“No” I answered confused.
“Well, you have given to others through your right hand. So what does your left hand do?”
“take in?” She smiled again and nodded.
“yes, your left hand is receiving hand. Your left hand have three functions. First, you refill your jag by higher power/universe/higher self whichever you call it. Second, you receive from others. Third, you set your boundary or refuse. It is to not receive what you don’t want to receive. It is to protect yourself. So I want you to remember, when you are giving by using your right hand, remember you have a left hand that will help you receiving and refilling your jag.”

Ask for help.

Receiving is an action of generosity.

Cheryl Richardson

Interestingly, asking for help wasn’t an easy act, not until I feel I really can’t do anything anymore. Not until I have no way to turn. So, when others kindly offer something to me, I hesitate to receive. I will be stunned and don’t know what to do. I will feel ashamed that I am not capable of doing it.

A friend told me one day “but if you don’t ask for help, people don’t know how they can help you. It is giving them an opportunity as well to give”. This had changed my perspective about receiving.

Gratitude is what starts the receiving process.

Jim Rohn

When I was discussing my perspectives about receiving, she said “When you are receiving, remember having a gratitude towards what you are receiving and what people are offering to you. Don’t you forget what you have received and from who. Then, one day, when they are in need for your help, you can swiftly act in return.” This has slightly given me courage to receive.

Until we can receive with an open heart, we are never really giving with an open heart.

When we attach judgment to receiving help, we knowingly or unknowingly attach judgement to giving help.

Brené Brown

What will you be receiving today?
What will you be giving today?
Are you ready?

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