How you want to be remembered?

When you think about anyone who have influenced your life, do you remember their act? or do you remember what they have done?
Some I remember because of what they’ve said to me or statement they’ve made.
Some I remember because of what they’ve done in their life.

My mother was a fairly education motivated person. She allowed us to watch educational programs but not cartoons or drams that she believed weren’t feed children any useful information. She allowed us to read biographies of historical person but not comics, novels or story books that she believed will not suitable for children. So our birthday or Christmas presents were usually a biography of a historical person.

Looking back, what have I learnt? I think I’ve learnt that these people had sense of purpose in life and who pursuit their purpose of life, regardless of hardships. I remember what they’ve accomplished with their life rather than what they have said.

The world will not remember what you say,

But it will certainly remember what you have done.

Jack Ma

How many historical person can you remember that have accomplished something in their life?
How many historical person do you know about their journey to accomplish that in their life?
How many quotes of historical person or anyone who’ve influence your life?

How do you want to be remembered?

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