What have you choose to do in this moment?

I have several memories that taught me the importance of today. One of such time was when I lost my boyfriend. It’s been more than a decade but I still remember his last words like been told yesterday. It was a sudden death and I still search for things “if…” If I didn’t continue study… if I was beside him… if I was… Understanding no use of these ifs but can’t stop thinking what could I do differently to prevent this incidence.

In many occasions, I have been told the importance of this present moment. I’ve found that thinking of ifs are easier than doing what I can do at this moment. I believe it is not simply thinking about what I’ve could done. Instead, it is acting on what I can do that contributes to forming my future. In some instances, I thought I have to know where I want to focus on tomorrow to act on today. However, many people had told me just act rather than thinking what to act upon.

Yesterday’s past, tomorrow’s future, but today is the gift.

That’s why it is called present.

Bil Keane

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. How many of “I promise you to do tomorrow” got forgotten or missed?” How many of tomorrow arrives and we repeat the same phrase “I promise you to do tomorrow?”

A person had taught me once that “meet your friend or significant others like it is your last time to meet them”.
Let me share a story with you. A friend illustrated with of her experience.
“I have learnt not to leave a conversation with an argument. Even I am very angry and upset on a conversation, I will make up for it. I will never leave a person in that state. I do so because my father passed away when I had an argument with him, over on the phone. I didn’t have chance to make up for it. Although it is more than a decade ago, I still regret that I couldn’t make up for it.”

I probably didn’t appreciate this experience until later in my life when I truly lost someone significant in my life. This was the time I realised that even though I thought tomorrow is promised, it is not promised in the way I thought it was promised.

Another person had shared her perspective about concept of tomorrow.
“I was living in a condition that tomorrow was not promised. Wake up in a morning was not promised. Now, I wake up every morning appreciating that I have a life today. I can still contribute to the society today.” I never lived a life with such attitude.

Have you done everything that you’ve promised?
Are you delaying any promises that you’ve promised?
What are you promising today?

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