What’s the purpose of education? or having a teacher?

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend today. We were discussing about how some people act and behave in a workplace. We both work for a University. The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.Malcolm S. Fobes Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself.John... Continue Reading →

When you feel like giving up?

I saw many people who had to chose a different path to what they originally desired to. It is easy to say their circumstances changed but within those who had to experience this, I wonder how many people still strove for what they wanted. When I think back, it is hard for me to think... Continue Reading →

Where am I?

One morning, I woke up with strong sense of self. I felt that I finally found my true self. As time pass by, I felt that I have lost myself again. Not in the sense as lost or missing but I felt I did not have such strong sense of self anymore. For few days,... Continue Reading →

Am I giving or receiving?

I am a generous person. When I see people in difficulty, if I can, I usually offer my hands. However, in many occasions, I felt that many people take my support for granted. Some even said "I know your action is out your kindness but you are very intimidating. You're over helpful." This is when... Continue Reading →

What do I need to be happy?

When we ask around 'What is happiness mean to you?" I believe I will receive various answers. It is so unique and individualised. My happiness will not equal to other people's happiness. Others happiness will not equal to mine. So what's my happiness?If you asked me few months ago, I was unable to answer you.... Continue Reading →

Learning from children: Am I wasting food?

For many years, food waste is one of the global concern. In has been estimated that one third of food produced for human consumption is wasted and it is a severe problem in many countries. Food wasting lead to 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions, uses our limited resources, in particular, freshwater (24%), and cost... Continue Reading →

How would I interact with others?

I grown up not knowing how to connect with others. I wasn't unable to determine appropriate connectedness with others. I didn't know what's my personal space and the appropriate distance between myself and others. I labelled myself as one of those who is lack of social/situation awareness. I had trouble adapt into a situation. I... Continue Reading →

Why am I experiencing what I am experiencing?

I used to question myself "Why I have to experience what I am experiencing?" If there's no coincidence in life, all these experiences are meant to be. Then, why am I experiencing what I am experiencing? Many adults said "There's a reason why you've experienced what you've experienced but you will not understand such reason... Continue Reading →

Where’s my confidence?

For many years, I searched for 'my true self'. Never confident to present myself to others by stating 'This is who I am'. Well, in reality, not many people will ask" what kind of person are you?" I think what I really wanted was to confidently present myself as who I think I am but... Continue Reading →


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