What’s my choice?

About a year ago, I was attracted to personal growth. When I commenced this personal growth journey, I have realised everything I do, is down to my choice, my decision. This reality that "I have a choice" hit to my heart. I knew I have chosen to follow my path.I knew I am walking the... Continue Reading →

What is true freedom?

On my graduation day of primary school, my teacher delivered his last lesson to us. Our class was one of his first graduating class in his teaching career. We stayed as class for past two years. It wasn't a smooth sailing. We had great times and worst times. We had multiple bullying episodes, misbehaving children,... Continue Reading →

What is my dream?

'Too big" is just about the right size for young people's dreams. Josei Toda I have come across to this quote in my youth. It come across multiple times. Many people told me to dream big but then I was confused. What do they mean by dream big? Become a famous person? trying to solve... Continue Reading →

Am I being humble?

I was taught not to become a snob who over exaggerate their own being, chase after status and satisfied with current achievement. Be humble to yourself. So what is that mean? Oxford dictionary define humble as:1. Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's importance2. Of low social, administrative, or political rank3. (of... Continue Reading →

What’s your greatest gift to others?

For few weeks, I pondered about concept of time. Majority of times, I take time for granted. There's always next minute, next hour, next day, next week. When do I experience the significance of time? and realising that time is limited? I think I feel this strongly when I hear about loss of a person.... Continue Reading →

What shall I write?

Many people suggested me to write. I hesitated because I felt I don't have anything worth to share. More than that I see myself incompetent to write in English. What was I afraid for? judgement. One day, a friend finally convinced me to write. I use to write in a language other than English but... Continue Reading →

How wealthy am I?

When someone ask you "What is your wealth?", what will be your response? According to Oxford dictionary, there are three definitions to the word 'wealth':1) An abundance of valuable possessions or money;2) Plentiful supplies of a particular resource;3) Wellbeing. If someone happen to ask me 'what is my wealth?' I probably will get a bit... Continue Reading →

It’s a raining day♫

I love my raining days. It's just one of those days that everything you planned will be cancelled, unless it is absolutely necessary. For me, raining day is a day that I have been granted to use in the way I want to. Majority of time, it will become a day that I catch up... Continue Reading →

Time with children

We had a gathering over the weekend where old friends joined together. Interestingly, we know each other for more than a decade now since when majority of us were still single. Whilst some of us still remain single, majority of them found partners, then become parents. So we have a group of children going through... Continue Reading →


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