When I woke up this morning…

When when I woke up this morning, on a weekend, I look out to the window and it was clear blue sky. Then, I told myself “what a perfect day”. My heart start singing with joy and my body start to dance. No doubt, it will be a wounderful day. The sun has just arose.
I prepared a breakfast and sat by the window. Looking up the blue sky, then, I told myself “I am so fortunate.” Suddenly, a sense of gratitude build up inside that I am able to experience everything I am experiencing right now.

On my way to friend’s place, I realised that so many people were simply enjoying this morning. Well, I met few who were rushing to somewhere important. Although I’ve been tailgated while driving, I wasn’t bothered by them, got out of their way because I didn’t want to drive in such tension. Listening to my favourite songs, singing along, I simply was enjoying the driving. Looking upon blue sky and told myself “what a perfect day”.

Yesterday, I was reading a book. It proposed a question: “What is my purpose to wake up each morning and do what I do?” I never think about the purpose of waking up each morning. I’ve realised that I took for granted that I have tomorrow. So I pondered this question for awhile. Eventually, it dawned on me that “I want to positively influence on a person in front of me through acknowledging their existence and accept their being.”

To get up each morning with the resolve to be happy is to set out own conditions to the events of each day.

To do this is to condition circumstances instead of being condition by them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I was young, a senior friend told me that “Things will surely happen everyday. It is unusual to have nothing happens in your day. Regardless of what’s happened, your happiness will not be destructed by them.” At the time, I was thinking, “Yes. Thank you for telling me that things happen everyday. I don’t want to live like that.” When I think about this again, I told myself that “Well, if that’s the case, I want to train myself to uphold a mindset of happiness that’s not easily destructed by everyday happenings.”

Then, next question arose. “What shall I do, if I woke up one day and feel not 100% happy or not feeling happiness at all?”
For past few years, I have learnt to appreciate the nature.
I like sunrise and sunset.
I like raining and sunny days.
I like blue sky and stars.
I like to lookout views.
I learnt to change my mindset by looking out the window.

If I still didn’t feel 100%, then I will tell myself, “it is okay to feel in such way, let’s treat myself, spoil myself and rest as much as I want.” I take those days as a charge up day when I refill my inner jar.

If I still didn’t feel 100% for few days, I will seek for help and advice. I will discuss my current feelings with families and friends, and ask for their opinion. Actually, talking out loud helps me to clarify my mind on things that’s blocking my way. I really felt fortunate to friends I have around me who allows me to discuss my inner feelings with them.

When you wake up this morning, how did you feel?
What’s the purpose of life that you have to wake you up in the morning?
When do you feel happiness and how do you sustain such feeling or life state?

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