When I was sick…

For the past few days, I think I caught a flu and couldn’t move much. No one was at home and I felt physically weak. I haven’t been so sick for awhile now and had to ask around how to get better. Learning day by day, trying few strategies, I finally feel I am getting better and have some energy to move around.

I generally have a good health. At least, something I can manage within my day to day activities with help from some simple medications. However, this time, for the first time in my life, I had to take few days off from all my usual activities whilst had to feed myself. Even when I feel a bit better I had to tell myself “just in case, take another day off until you feel at least 80% of your energy”. This ritual lead me to take off four days off from every activities. Although there were some activities that I never dream to take off, I felt really funny to tell others that I won’t able to attend that meeting because I am too sick.

Good health is not something we can buy.

However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.

Anne Wilson Schaef

I finally can fully appreciate my good health that I can do my usual activities without any physical restrictions. In addition, I also realised that only I can take care of myself. Listen to my own inner voice and allow myself to trust my instinct to do things that are sensible.

Interestingly, in another account, I have felt that eating healthy, taking nutritious food, is important part of a healthy life. I now finally understand and appreciate why my mum told me to eat lots of vege and healthy food.

Are you hearing the voice of your body?
Are you allowing your voice to be heard?
Are you making decision based on your voice?

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