How am I spending my time?

Did you ever felt that you have wasted your time by attending a party you didn’t want to go?
Did you ever wondered what happened to your day?

I have many episodes of such experience. For example:
Attended a business dinner and wondered what am I doing here.
Joined a party with a friend and felt this is a portion of time I will never get back in my life.
Met with a friend and felt very tired and wasted time afterwards.
Or actively engaged in networking and crushed for a week after that.

I wasn’t good at putting such boundaries. I used to allow my friends to occupies me as long as they want while I was very upset when they said they only have 30 mins to meet with me, regardless of my effort driving 30 mins to get there. Well, I had a tendency to put myself in somewhere I am not comfortable with and then get very tired afterwards.

Then, I have to question myself. How would you rather spend your time if you can get those time back? Probably not much. Without putting much consideration, I probably will spend those time just as it is and at the end of the day wondering what happened to my day.

Time is what we want most, but what we used worst.

William Penn

There are people who work two full-time jobs, managed to study a full-time course and were fully available for his/her family. I cannot imagine myself to live through that but I was amazed by their commitment. At a point in my life, I was working full-time and studying full-time. On top of that I was considering another course. It took me few days to consider and I remembered a conversation with my senior when I was young.

I remember that I was complaining to her about how time poor I am and how people use their busyness as an excuse for being late to the next meeting etc. I guess, for me, time is for you to manage rather than govern by it. However, similar to those who use busyness as an excuse, I was becoming exactly like them. Then, she said, “Time is very precious. If you say you are time poor, yes, you are time poor but if you use your wisdom, you may find time to do what you want to do. Time is for you to find.”

Remembering this story and the fact that ‘time is for you to find’, I was determined to uptake this new course.

Time is a gift that most of us take for granted.

Cheryl Richardson

How are you spending your time today?
Are you spending it as a gift or are you wasting it?
Are you happy on how you’re spending your time?

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