When is a good time?

When something happen, everything happen at the same time.
I remember one of the shocking times. I experienced a number of deaths in a row. Although psychologically I understand death is part of everyday life, it seemed that I was attracted to them. At one point, I was very distressed and fearful toward such attraction. Few months later, when the busyness of life takeover, it becomes part of everyday life again.

Let me share another example with you.
Regardless of what was happening at the background, when I am feeling happy and vibrant, tried to enjoy every moment in life, my life tend to go in that direction. Everyone around me was happy and smiling, striving for their best toward their everyday life.

This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I remember I was reading a book one day and it illustrated this notion of ‘best time’ or ‘best era’. In the story, there was a grandpa always say to this child ‘Past time was the best time of all. Those days we had…” and continued on. Only a decade later when this child become a young adult, he realised this phrase wasn’t exactly mean what it literary meant. “Those past good time he’s referring to probably wasn’t a best time in his life. There were wars, conflicts, poverty etc. That was the time grandpa lived through during his youth. Probably that’s why he keep referring to that time of the past.”

In real life, I see many people talk about “those past time was great!” and I was always searching for why. For example, phrases such as “children are cuter when they were toddlers” or “it was good when children were living with us” or “we don’t gather anymore as family but those times were good when we did” are some of the common ones I’ve noticed. May be one day, I might say these phrases to my children or grandchildren or younger generation. Even just looking back for last decade, many things evolved and many things disappeared. Many things you will remember as good memories and others it might not occur to you it was there until you realise it. I believe that’s all part of life.

I want to continuously live this time as the best time of my life. Rarely but I do know individuals who enjoys their life at this given moment. I want to live like that. Living and enjoying my life to the fullest.

Have you noticed anything that were disappeared in last decade?
Are you living to your fullest at this time?
Do you know what you want to do with this given time?

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