When you stay outside…

One of the reason that I don’t like to travel is I can’t take my bed with me. I am one of those who can’t sleep well when I have different bed. It’s not just the pillow. It’s the bed. I like firm bed but not many people like it that way. Many hotel rooms don’t have such firm bed.

When I stay away, I can’t sleep well. I am prepared for everything I can get that will relax me to sleep. I get everything I can imagine to kill my time in case I can’t sleep. Usually, it will be a laptop, a smartphone and a book. I have a relaxing music on my phone and warm pajamas.

Another reason that I don’t like to travel is it is harder to secure my own time if I am travelling with someone else. I really need my personal space. Allowing myself to do what I want to do. Allowing me to travel in the way I want to. That’s probably one of the hard part when you travel with someone else.

I don’t like to prepare for travelling and realise that I don’t have my usual items. For example, this time, I forgot a comb. Well, I can still manage it but I didn’t like the fact that it’s not there when I need it.

I guess, enough of dislikes about travelling. Let’s discuss about good part of travelling. I like to see different lifestyles in different places. Different pace of life, different culture, and different strategies and approaches. Even when you stayed in your own town, it gives you a different view to what you usually see in your everyday life.

I like to walk around browsing different architects. I have noticed few things that I didn’t realise before, even in my own town. I identified new shops and new decorations. Very intersting. As we spend everyday growing, so does cities. Travelling around Asian countries, I’ve noticed that there are some cities or parts of cities never stop.

Now, take a break, look around.
Is there anything new?
Have you noticed anything different?
How far did the city come and how far did you come?

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