What you do?

I have learnt to learn from action. Probably related to my background as well. Instead of learning from listening over an unfamiliar language, I found myself learn faster by observing what others do.

One day, I was studying about Self-Efficacy Theory by Albert Bandura (1997). Bandura explained four sources to build self-efficacy which were: mastery experiences; social modelling; social persuasion; and state of physiology. I will leave the explanation of each source to another post. According to Bandura, self-efficacy is:

Self-efficacy is the belief in one’s ability to influence events that effect one’s life and control over the way these events are experienced.

Bandura 1994

I was a person with low self-efficacy, especially in language and study. I believed that I had some ability to overcome challenges in life but my self-efficacy will be lower as I lean towards studying.

Recent years, I have realised that this is not the case anymore. My supervisor had used all sources of self-efficacy as illustrated by Bandura to nurture my confidence and competence through my journey in research and study.

That day, when I encountered Bandura’s self-efficacy theory I felt an indescribable appreciation and gratitude for what she had done for me. She had used every sources to built my self-efficacy. When thinking back, many times I doubted my ability. I thought she was saying it for the sake to calm me down.

Through her continuous effort, I am here where I am, I am who I am. Everyday I realise how much time and effort she had invested in me which are all fruiting now. She had trained me very well and I am able to stand where I am.

What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

She doesn’t say much about how much she had done for me. She equally invest to all of the people she had come across. She changes her style of supervision according to the persons’ needs and growth. I really think she’s an extraordinary supervisor.

Have you met a person that changed the course of your life?
How do you interact with such a person?
Were you attracted to them by their action or their words?

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