How do I make everyday different?

At the New Year’s Day this year, I was having a conversation with a friend. We both spending this day as a normal continuous day. Yes. It is a New Year’s Day but how is that different to your previous day, new year’s eve? How is that different to a week ago?

Many people make a new year’s resolution on this day. What were the new year’s resolution you made for this year? How are you travelling with this? I usually have one resolution for the whole year. My resolution for this year is “to strengthen connection with my inner self and expand my life.”

An acquaintance asked me about my new year’s resolution and I have shared as I stated above. Her facial expression told me that she’s lost. “That’s it?” she asked and “Yes. That’s it” I answered. She was so puzzled. When I reflected, probably my resolution for too vague for her. I think I emphasis on my inner strength more than other components of life. This made me suspect that if I have set my goal based on SMART goal, she might not find lost.

When I reflect back on my resolutions for past decade, it always had been quite vague because it all related back to my personal development. Some of the examples of my past resolutions were “to become kinder to self and others”; “self-caring”; “expand my life”; and “enjoy every moment in my life”. Many of these resolution were not specific nor measurable. At the end of the year, only I can evaluate how I improved throughout the year. Without a fail, I have achieved my new year’s resolution every year.

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Back to my conversation with a friend. We both agreed that it is New Year’s Day but it is another day. Then, she continued:
“When you have determined to make a day the best day of the year, that’s the best day of the year. Regardless of when this day is, it will be the best day of the year. If you do determined and re-determined everyday to be the best day of the year, at the end of the year, you will be surprise how far you had come. This is how I am living my days and how I would like to continue living my days.”

How are you living your day today?
What do you make today mean to you?
What are you doing to make it a best day of the year?

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