Why parenting becomes so hard?

I am not a parent myself but I believe parenting was and will never be easy. Many individuals raise concerns returning to the work after parental or maternal leave. I never experienced such break myself so I will not comment on this. However, I can imagine to return to research after few years of no... Continue Reading →

When I realise the value of knowledge…

Last night, I had an urgent call from my parents saying my sister is sick. Their instructions made no sense to me so I called my sister directly for clearer understanding. She thinks she's sick and have some fever. I was totally in rescuer's mode, acted immediately. Following is our conversation.Me: Do you need me... Continue Reading →

What happened if I didn’t have a mentor?

In an occasion, I was attending a group meeting with other youth. Our topic of the meeting was "mentor and disciple relationship." We allowed questions to evolve around this topic as we go. Some questions arose were:Do you have a mentor?Who's your mentor?Why did you choose this person as your mentor?What are the quality you... Continue Reading →

What lies inside me?

I found believe in my inner quality was a challenging thing to do. I have given permission for others to determine my quality, purpose, and value. I even allowed others to judge my existence in this world. This is how I used to value myself. No matter how many people told me that's not the... Continue Reading →

How to start taking an action?

Someone once told me you need a bigger purpose to change your behaviour. One might feel a lot of energy to change a behaviour. For example, for me, it was hard to change my eating behaviour and not until that day that my doctor told me to lose weight for health reasons. Another example is... Continue Reading →

What shall I read?

I love reading. However, I am very selective on what I read and which language, particularly bedtime readings. I love mysteries with a happy ending in my mother language. I enjoy reading stories. I think it is my hobby. Reading is a way for me to expand my mind, open my eyes, and fill up... Continue Reading →

Why am I saying sorry?

Probably, it is my nature. Probably, it's how I've been brought up. Probably, it's the culture. I remember I used to say 'sorry' very often. One day, my sister asked "do you really mean it?" I thought about it and replied 'Yes.' The other time, someone else said "you just want to get off your... Continue Reading →

Who brings me peace?

I had an opportunity to spend few hours with my parents alone. It is unusual after I moved out of home. Usually when we catch up, it will be with my brother's family. I assisted and escorted them to a specialist consultation for my father. We get to the consultation separately and they dropped me... Continue Reading →

When I reflect my current situation…

For past few weeks, I feel there's something funny about my life. I am currently at good place with work and family connection. I am feeling confident about myself and appreciative or gratitude about my life. I am expanding my life through pushing out my boundaries. I am more courageous and enjoying every moment in... Continue Reading →

Learning from children: drawing

One day, my sister-in-law asked me whether I have noticed anything about my niece's drawing of the family. I replied 'no' and she explained. "Do you remember a theory that drawing of a child reflects how they feel at the time? I think that's exactly what she has drawn." I couldn't believe what she had... Continue Reading →


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