What will you do?

When you encounter an incident in your daily life what will you do?

Few days ago, I have encountered an incident in my daily life. It wasn’t anything life threatening but it was enough to trigger me into panic mode.

I went to shopping with my sister-in-law and realised that I didn’t have my credit card with me. I couldn’t find it in its usual place and I was very concerned that I’ve lost it somewhere in the shopping centre. I automatically went into panic mode and asked my sister-in-law to wait while I deal with this at nearby branch. I checked my account through app and confirmed that all transactions are correct. Then, my sister-in-law suggested me to call a number that is stated in their app and that will save me a trip to nearby branch. I did exactly that and dealt with it by cancelled the access to the card and confirmed after mass.

When we got into the car, my sister-in-law started a conversation by asking me “Are you sure it is not at home?” I was in the panic mode and said “Well, I am sure I have carried with me but I was caring it around during my stay in the shopping centre. On the safe said, I prefer to dealt with it now rather than later.” She respected my decision and we drove home safely.

Alright. So what happened? I found it on my bed side, untouched. So, it was in a very safe place. I quickly called the number again and asked them to cancel the cancellation. However, they said all the process had been completed and therefore it is impossible to reverse the cancellation. New card will be sent to me in next 3-5 working days.

A person’s true nature is revealed at times of the greatest adversity.

Daisaku Ikeda

To the same incidence, I had three different reaction.
First, I went into panic mode and thought I’ve solved the problem. I was happy that I reacted immediately rather than wait until home. So, for me, this incidence become almost like a joke or silly Lily story that will happen every now and then. I accumulate these silly stories probably few every year.

Second, my sister-in-law who remained calm all the time. She thought through all possibilities and said “you’re not that forgetful and I think it will be somewhere in the house.” When I told her that I’ve found the card she asked me to cancel the cancellation to save the extra cost of requesting a new card. That’s why I called to cancel the cancellation. Then, she said “Sometime, your ability of prompt action is great but you might need to learn to consider every possibilities before react.” That is a lesson within that.

Third, my friend. I told her the whole story and she said “I will be really upset if that happens to me.” I thought that is a different perspective to mine.

So, this was an interesting experience to me. When irregular thing like this happens, not everyone will reacted the same way.

What will you do when you encountered such incidence?
What will you feel when you experienced this?
What will you make it mean to you?

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