When you find jewels to wake up early in the morning…

There are few benefits that I think it is the benefit in the morning. For me, they are enough to wake me up every morning. For me, one of these benefits is the beauty of the sky. This morning on my way to the bus stop, I saw a full moon just about to set. It was round and huge. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great camera able to capture this scene or probably it is so beautiful that you need to see it yourself.

I think the first time I heard someone woke up so early to do some study was my tutor. When I complained that there are so many things happening in between and I just can’t focus when others are around. He said “Well, to minimise that effect, I will go early to the bed and wake up around 2am to start my work. That really gives me quiet time I needed to think and do things.” I remember I thought “that will never work with me.”

This was highlighted again and again as a strategy to get something done before busy life kicks in. In addition, research has shown that the best time for your critical thinking is first in the morning. As you make decisions along the day, you start to loose your ability to critically think. I remember an episode of a former president. Someone asked him why he was wearing the same clothing everyday and he replied “I have important decisions to make down the track today and I don’t want to waste my ability on what to wear today.”

Each day is a day of decision, and our decision determine our destiny.

Russel M. Nelson

I was developed this habit of waking up early in the morning because of my brother. He taught me the benefit of wake up early, start work early. Waking up in the early morning allowed me to secure time for myself preparing for the day. Many mornings, I was able to complete what I wanted to do before everyone wakes up.

What make you to wake up each morning?
What is your first decision this morning?
Where does these decisions lead you to?

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