When I realise the value of knowledge…

Last night, I had an urgent call from my parents saying my sister is sick. Their instructions made no sense to me so I called my sister directly for clearer understanding. She thinks she’s sick and have some fever. I was totally in rescuer’s mode, acted immediately.

Following is our conversation.
Me: Do you need me to find a doctor or not?
Sister: Yes I think so, but wait because my friend said that he/she is trying to find a doctor as well.
Me: So do you want your friend to find a doctor or do you want me to find a doctor?
Sister: You.
Me: Okay. I know a doctor who’s available at 5pm so I will pick you up around 4pm.
Sister: Thank you.

When I met her, yes indeed she was sick. I asked her what are some of the medication she was taking and gave her other medications that she can take. She did have a fever but it wasn’t too bad. She still had some fever when she saw a doctor but eventually medications kicked in and she’s settled by dinner time. She then texted me “those medication really works!! I feel much better.”

Knowledge is of no value unless put it into practice.

Anton Chekhov

The value of knowledge is to use it.

It is not humanly possible that a person can retain all knowledge of the world, but if a person knows how to search for all the knowledge of the world, he will find it when he wants it.

Marcus Gravey

On the way home, I thought for myself knowledge is a true resource, with experience resource is even better. Moreover, I felt the importance of having knowledge of ‘current practice.’ I am very grateful for those who taught me these knowledge, the first-line defense to prevent things when you can.

Knowledge is like money:

to be of value it must circulate, and in circulating it can increase its quantity, and hopefully, in value.

Louis L’Amour

What are the knowledge you have that can be passed to others?
What knowledge would you like to pass to others?
What is the value of your knowledge?

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