How did I change the situation I was in?

I have encountered a stressful event last night. I was returning home from two long-day workshops very late at night, passing hours after my usual bedtime. Before that I was stacked in an aircraft for nearly three hours with noisy individuals. Before that I had to spent two full-day with two unfamiliar individuals who I... Continue Reading →

What’s my pace of growth?

Many times I question my own ability about my growth. Am I growing? Am I going anywhere? Am I improving? Am I progressing? Am I getting better? Am I achieving something? Am I proud of myself? I grow up in a parental style where my parents didn't feel we have achieved enough at any given... Continue Reading →

How did I find my self-respect?

Owning or having my self-respect was a long term challenge. Not knowing or understanding true self-respect, I disregarded for a long time. It was confronting when someone challenged me in this perspective. I was accepting external values as my own values. I believed that my life is not as pretty as others because I didn't... Continue Reading →

How do I value being-in-the-world with others?

According to the philosophy textbook I am reading at moment, you cannot exist by yourself. You know you are not alone because you know others exist in your world. Therefore, you do not exist/being alone rather you being-in-the-world with others. One day, I was reflecting on what motivates me to keep going?I never see myself... Continue Reading →

What’s my human spirit?

I was talking to my sister the other day. Slowly she's getting better but she questions every decision she made and every relationship she had. According to her perspective, there's something wrong with her that's why she's yet to have a successful relationship. "What do you mean by successful relationship?" I asked. "Some relationship that... Continue Reading →

How do I learn to break a habit?

I spent a relatively extensive time with my families and relatives for last two days. It was longer than I used to be. Before I spent time with them, I knew their tendency that they are very bounded by their traditional culture and norm. So, I was aware there were a tendency for me to... Continue Reading →

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