How I have been treated by my supervisor?

I have been working with my supervisor for a decade. It has been a long time from being a student to becoming a colleague. I am only grateful working for and with her.

We treat our people like royalty.

If you honour and serve the people who works for you, they will honour and serve you.

Mary Kay Ash

I have saw many people come and go in everyone’s life. No doubt some people will stay with you for the rest of life whilst other moved on with their life out of your life. Some might felt okay at the beginning and things happened to ruin the relationship. Others starts with dislike relationship that turn into best friends.

No different to work relationships. Some supervisor will be your supervisor for that given project while some will involve you from a project to project. Some supervisor I will never work for again while others I wish that I can continuously work with them.

My relationship with my supervisor is a complex one. Well, it is not that complex but we have multiple ‘relationships’ between us, depending on our topic. It is difficult to explain our relationship in a word but I feel our relationship will be a lifelong one.

Because she modelled to me through her action of treating me, I would like to treat her as she treated me. I will do whatever she asked me to do because I know she is reasonable and considerate. If I am stuck, I know I can ask for her help. I truly embrace this relationship.

The relationship between mentor and disciple can be likened to that between needle and thread.

The mentor is the needle and the disciple is the thread.

When sewing, the needle leads the way through the cloth.

But in the end, it is unnecessary, and it is the thread that remains and holds everything together.

Daisaku Ikeda

How would you like to treat your juniors?
How would you like to repay your gratitude towards your mentors?
How would you like to be treated?

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