How to learn the most important lessons in life?

Not many people can discuss death or life after death in public. For me, it was interesting to even read about it. Well, part of me avoided while the other part was interested in it.

When you think back, what was the most important lesson in life?
For me, I think the concept of life and death were concepts that were quite close to me. We had death and near death experiences among the family and relatives. Probably that’s why ‘death’ was something almost a taboo for me to talk about.

When I think back, there were multiple critical turning points in my life. Yes, some where associated with sickness and death, others were not but were enough to change my perspectives about life. All were critical and significant. I think that concept of life really hit me when I suddenly lost my significant others without any concerns.

In order to learn the most important lessons in life, one must each day surmount a fear.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I guess, wake up each day and live that day to the fullest in itself is a challenge. Sometime for me determine to wake up in this harsh reality is a challenge. However, I know there are more to this life rather than just caught up in my loss.

Birth, aging, sickness, and death are the inescapable reality in life, and the eternal questions humankind has attempted to resolve.

How can we create the greatest value amidst a reality that is impermanent and in constant flux?

It was the search for answers to these questions that lead to the birth of Buddhism.

Daisaku Ikeda

I was reading a philosophy textbook which discussed about human existence. It states that death doesn’t necessary mean end of existence. It is an end point when you make it to be. When is the true end? When your existence is not remembered by anyone? These were interesting question to ask for myself.

Certainly there will be times when you wish you had more spending money, more time to sleep and more time for fun and recreation.

You may feel restricted now, but you should consider your current situation as the perfect set of circumstances for your growth.

Within the restrictions that define your present existence, the only thing to do is to discipline yourself and head in the direction of growth and self-improvement.

In the process of exerting yourself in such endeavors, you will without a doubt build and strengthen your character.

Daisaku Ikeda

For me, it will take me so long to fully understand this mystery of birth, life and death. Instead of focusing on that, I have learnt to focus on what I can do today. What I can achieve today. How I want to live today. That in turn will assure my growth as human being.

How would you live your life today?
What was the most important lesson in your life?
If you are going to teach someone a lesson from your life, what will you advice them?

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