What kind of life do I envision?

I remember a talk at a conference where we went to as a group before commencing my tertiary education. I remember a talk so clearly about envision for future. The speaker shared his experience of starting a business, good for few years, followed by facing a bankruptcy.

One day, he didn’t have any money but he visited a car dealer which sell his dream car. He dressed nicely so at least externally he looked like he had money and had a vision to buy this car. He sat in the car, test drove but he walked out without signing any contract.

On another occasion, he visioned that he imagined that he was holding a million dollar contract that’s going to save his business. He vividly imagined how he celebrated his victory with his partner.

No matter how wonderful our dreams, how noble our ideals, or how high our hopes, ultimately we need courage to make them a reality.

Without action, it’s as if they never existed.

Daisaku Ikeda

Both of these experiences started with him visioning he had those in his life.
He closed his talk by stating “within five years, I have everything I visioned at that time when I was facing bankrupt. I am driving that car I sat and drove that day. I celebrated my first million dollar contract with my partner, now wife. This doesn’t mean I only visioned and didn’t put any commitment. I worked as hard as I can. I did everything I could to get here where I am.”

What he said to a bunch of teenagers at the time, I wonder how many people actually remembered his talk. It was hidden in my unconsciousness mind. I had to dig it up when I’ve realised the significance of this talk. The importance of having that vision and living in that moment as if it is the reality you are living in.

What kind of future do I envision for myself?

What kind of self am I trying to develop?

What do I want to accomplish in my life?

The thing is to paint this vision of your life in your heart as specifically as possible.

That ‘painting’ itself becomes the design of your future.

The power of the heart enables us to actually create with our lives a wonderful masterpiece in accordance with that design.

Daisaku Ikeda

Someone once said to me “you’re the script writer of your own life and you’re playing the main part of it. You have a choice to determine what kind of life you want to live.” I didn’t understand this notion of script writer until recent days. It is only then I realised I have my own life in control.

What was one of the critical time that was an important lesson in your life?
How are you designing you life?
How would you like to continue your script?

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