How do I value being-in-the-world with others?

According to the philosophy textbook I am reading at moment, you cannot exist by yourself. You know you are not alone because you know others exist in your world. Therefore, you do not exist/being alone rather you being-in-the-world with others.

One day, I was reflecting on what motivates me to keep going?
I never see myself have good skills to have an appropriate interaction with others. In fact, it was something challenged me throughout my life. I felt challenging to have appropriate distance with others. I didn’t know how to react and/or behave in some situations. In many occasion, I made wrong move or reacted inappropriately.

However, this human-to-human interaction was the things that kept me going so far. Having that heart-to-heart dialogue with others, able to share my heart with others, and having a place where I feel secure to open my heart were things that I valued about Being-in-the-world with others.

For many years, I thought I have to do everything alone. Even in a project, I believed that I have to bare with all consequences. I was often frustrated, burnout, unsatisfied, and unhappy. Everything was tasks that I had to deliver. I did not enjoy any of the process nor outcomes.

In the past, human society provided encouragement and opportunity for people to extend support to each other, especially in highly stressful situations.

Daisaku Ikeda

Recently, I learn the strength of collaboration. It was human-to-human interaction, bringing in the strength of each person. I am aware that I have tendency to work by myself; however, I achieved more in a group of committed individuals. Yes, there’s no doubt this group need a leader, yet the role of this leader is to orchestrate the group, overseeing the whole project.

Then, I have realised, it is okay to not know everything. When I allowed others to contribute in their own way, I found myself in this space that I can do more, looking for other things that I can contribute. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have to obtain new skills. It means I don’t need to know details of each process but an overall outline of the process. It is to trust myself that I believe in others that they will deliver their best. It is to trust myself that I don’t need to know everything in detail.

Alone, one’s suffering only deepens.

Human beings need to be with and among other human beings.

Engagement with others forges our character and enriches us.

Daisaku Ikeda

My value of being-in-the-world with others is to learn from each other, inspire each other, and grow together. I am who I am today because people offered their support in my journey. I think I get motivated because of seeing their growth and I want experience such growth. Luckily I have significant models and leaders who motivate me to keep going.

I know I exit because I am being-in-the-world with others. These people around me inspired me to keep going, allowing me to take part of their life. I appreciate they are in my life and hopefully I can return my gratitude to them.

What are your values of being-in-the-world with others?
What motivates you to keep going?
How do you like to interact with others?

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