When I evaluate my own feeling…

After my father has been admitted to Emergency department few days ago, I am experiencing two contradicting emotions are battling within myself. A part of me is quite matter of the fact. This part of me looking at this situation from a distance, trying to address and manage the situation. The other part of me... Continue Reading →

When I don’t need to be a rescuer anymore…

I was rescuer, a cultural broker, a decision maker, a problem solver ... I thought I wear all the family responsibilities on my shoulder. As an immigrant child, my parents dragged me to everywhere; hence, developed my language ability. Whether I liked it or not, they still come to me for legal issues. At one... Continue Reading →

Do I have a talent?

For years, people kept telling me that my talent is around my ability of language. For years, I did everything to prove them wrong. More I tried, more I found my ability was polished but still I did everything to prove them wrong. One day I realised that having a talent doesn't equals to that... Continue Reading →

Do I have highest human qualities?

One day, I was having a talk with my friend. We were discussing how we turn out right. Well, what do we mean by turn out right? Didn't become as people we didn't like. Enjoying our life. I thought for a moment. For me, I believed that there's more to this life. I didn't allow... Continue Reading →

When things suddenly happen…

For about two months, I had a busy days. Things suddenly happened one after another. I truly enjoyed that craziness of the everyday. What I didn't know is what I was about to happen. It was crazy days but not much thing was happening about my own study. What was I waiting?I was waiting for... Continue Reading →

How do I determine my progress?

I didn't know how to determine my progress in life. I didn't know how to determine how far I have come. Well, to be honest, I was too afraid to evaluate my progress because I know it will be dreadful to find out I haven't moved much. I might have changed my accessories along the... Continue Reading →

What does language mean to me?

Moving across various countries, language becomes one of the important factor in my life. Learning new language wasn't easy to me but I had no other choice than learn the language. So, I had to learn the language because I have to live there. If culture was a house, then language was the key to... Continue Reading →


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