When I had to spend few days with unfamiliar individuals…

For last few days, I was helping out to run workshops. I haven’t visited domestic airport so many times in a week. It was within a state but flying out and back so often wasn’t an easy task. Staying and visiting unfamiliar place weren’t easy. Well, I know that’s all part of organising an event.

I was travelling around state with two psychologists. It wasn’t my plan but I had to step in for my line supervisor who went into hospital. I saw myself as another pair of eyes and hands who can run around for background preparation. We delivered three one-day workshops but no one workshop went without a problem. Registrants didn’t turn-up, morning tea wasn’t ready, people make their own decision. Well, it was interesting observing behaviour of individual.

So, basically, I had to spend most of my time with these two psychologists who are the facilitator/presenter of the workshops. I never spend so much time with them before so it was really hard to connect with them. We didn’t have much in common, topics or interests, we were in different stage of life. Well, we really had nothing in common.

In such case, I love to spend my time in solitude. I enjoy my own time and that alone space. However, if you are travelling with two other people who are senior to you, I chose to respect their choices such as timing of dinner, travel arrangements, and timing of reflection. I know I was a support person, so I did my best to support them rather than trouble them. Well, that might be my “be a good person” nature.

Interestingly, I don’t think we get along but they didn’t ignore my existence. They tried their best to include me into their conversations and treated me just as they would with other colleagues. I did what I did as part of my job and I know what I am responsible for. Therefore, I couldn’t allow them to enter into my life more than a distance colleague. I had my personal shield up with a sign “I only allow you to come so far”.

Back home, sitting at my own desk, reflecting now, I can now see probably my anxiety level was raised above my average. Unfamiliar place, setting, people, encounter, etc. All were compounded into an issue. However, with their support and overseeing abilities, I think we turnout great. We did everything we can and we have done best to our ability.

When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.

Paulo Coelho

Spending time with them and meeting others at workshop were extremely uncomfortable for me. I was out of my comfortable zone, and felt lost in control. Spending these few days with them taught me that if you allow them to share their life with you, you learn something new about those individuals. In such way, you might discover new connection with them.

How do you feel when you had to spend time with unfamiliar individuals?
What would you choose to share?
Do you remember an encounter that changed your life?

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