Learning from children: You probably need to force shutdown your brain…

After spending a busy week at work, travelling and staying at hotels, I can now feel it has definitely impacted me. Yes, there’s physical tiredness but there were psychological exhaustion as well. As research had shown, physical tiredness can contribute to your emotional distress. So, everything was contributing towards this tiredness I was feeling.

What state was I in?
I was in a state that clearly my brain wasn’t functioning. I was in a space but my mind was too busy and couldn’t live in the moment. Doing one thing takes twice or triple the time. I was going in and out of my room not remembering why I came back to my room in the first place. I can have a conversation but my mind refused to think so I can only take in simple instructions. I guess, my mind was nearly full to its capacity but don’t know why. All workshops were successful, everything was taken care but I don’t know why my mind was full.

So, as usual, my niece was visiting my room. I explain to her I think I am not functioning at my usual level so she needs to simplify things when she tries to talk o me. Following was her response.
Niece: That’s not good for your brain. You need to shutdown.
Me: What do you mean?
Niece: You need to do forced shutdown of your brain.
Me: What do you mean?
Niece: Your brain is not working so you need to forced shutdown your brain.

So when I asked further, she clarified her intention. “I understands that your brain is too tired and cannot function anymore. This means that you need to rest your brain so you can function again. You need to force it (brain) to shutdown and take a rest. Then, you will have space and energy to play with me again.”

Your brain needs plenty of rest to function at its optimal level.

Go to sleep!

Lalah Della

I was inspired by her intention and care. I really appreciate how much consideration she had in my situation when I don’t know how to comprehend my own life state. She reminded me that I have choice to rest and my life won’t stop because of that. I can still wake up and continue on with my life.

Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.

Katie Reed

When I reflected on this conversation, I couldn’t stop laughing about myself. I was involved in the workshop which discussed about self-care. However, as we surf in our busy life and priorities, we tend to forget about self-care. I saw many people put themselves as the last. In fact, it should be reversed.

An illustration given at the workshop was when you take an airplane. In their emergency instructions before flying off, they explains at the time of needing oxygen masks. Their instruction is to put masks on yourself first before assisting others. So similarly, you have to look after yourself first before providing your assistance to others.

Are you allowing yourself to look after yourself?
When was the last time you allow yourself to take rest for the sake of resting?
How do you recharge yourself?

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