My prayer for peace

I feel depressed sometime when I watch news. When I realised what’s happening around different parts of the world, not many news can make my day lighter. All I notice is harsh reality.

Watching the news last few days triggered my memories about World War II. I didn’t live through it. My grandparents who lived through it. I know few people lived through it. What have impacted me deeply was the dropping of atomic bombs. I am not here to elaborate or comment on political issues.
I am here to pray for the peace.

Let me share my experience visiting Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. I visited this museum on several occasions. Probably if I say this correctly, I visited their ground but I always offered to stay outside. I didn’t know why but I just thought I preferred to sit outside. One day, I finally decided to go in and learn what I can learn. I guess, my curiosity took over.

What I’ve saw in there was indescribable. I think I only lasted for few minutes and I run all the way to the exit. It had so much impact that I can vividly remember today. Since then, I never say I will go in again.

What I have learnt?
To live in a peaceful environment should not be taken for granted. It is something that we need to do everything to protect and maintain. This history can’t be repeated. We need to do everything to avoid creating such history.

Nothing is more precious than peace.

Nothing brings more happiness.

Peace is the most basic starting point for the advancement of humankind.

Daisaku Ikeda

I always feel helpless that I can’t do anything for those who are still in such situation. I don’t know what I can do to stop conflict between nations. More I think about this issues, more I feel I am so small that I can’t take an action.

World peace is not something that can realised simply by politicians signing treaties, or by business leaders creating economic cooperation.

True and lasting peace will be realised only by forging bonds of trust between people at the deepest level, in the depths of their very lives.

Daisaku Ikeda

When I raised my concern that I don’t know what I can do towards peace, someone once suggested to me “that’s why you need to have dialogue.” This person suggested to begin with having a dialogue with others regardless of their beliefs and values. We share one common things: Being a human.

Dialogue and education for peace can help free our hearts from the impulse toward intolerance and the rejection of others.

Daisaku Ikeda

How can you contribute to promote peace?
What can you do to sustain peace?
What does peace mean to you?

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