When I feel the priority of my life shifted…

Recently, a friend invited us to a lunch on a weekend. It was a sudden decision after an event. We had accepted this invitation. As I was travelling with my brother’s family, I had not much choice but to visit this friend’s place. We spend about two hours there over lunch. Followed by an hour nap which was good.

It is unusual for this friend to invite us over for a lunch so I thought I will make most out of it. However, after my nap, I suddenly felt that I had to go home. I felt I had so much thing I was planning to do, in preparation for the work tomorrow. I loved to spend my time with my family and friend but I suddenly felt this is not how I want to spend my time.

Luckily friend’s place was relatively close from home, so I offered to go home and do whatever I had to do and I will pick them up afterwards once they are ready to go home. A part of me felt I made the wrong decision, not respecting the valuable time I am spending with family and friend. Another part of me felt I don’t like the fact that I felt trapped there and not able to do what I want to do at the time.

Finally, my brother and sister-in-law agreed to my suggestion and I returned home first. On the way home, I was thinking what would happen if I stayed there. I would be frustrated because I wasn’t planned to go out for so long. It would be different if I was prepared for such sudden decision but I wasn’t. Would my friend think that I am so rude to leave earlier? Would my friend preferred me to stay even though I was frustrated? Probably not. Am I too focused on my own stuff like work and study? But what if… what if…

All these questions just kept coming in and out. Then I questioned myself what did you want to do? Was it based on my value? Have I considered for everyone else? What did I achieved by taking this option?

Your life is controlled by what you focus on.

Tony Robbins

If it was me 12 months ago, I probably would not take this action. I had more fear of not listening to external voices than follow my heart. Today, I didn’t know why but I acted anyway. There must be something very important in my life that only my heart knows.

Change will not come if we waited for some other person or some other time.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We are the change that we seek

Barack Obama

After I did all my necessary things, partially completed, I felt instead of questioning my action, or my decision, I want to appreciate my brother’s family and friend allowed me to behave and act in such way. Probably I knew I was safe to act so. I knew they will not judge my value based on that. Even they did, that’s probably part of my growth.

Those who always have a sense of appreciation and gratitude never reach an impasse in life.

Daisaku Ikeda

Did my priority in life changed?
May be yes because now I know the value of my time and I have chosen how I want to spend that time based on my priority and value at the time. It doesn’t mean that I don’t value my time with family nor my study is more important than my family. It just means that at that given moment, I wanted to spend sometime on my own study.

How do you decide how you want to spend your time?
What is your priority at moment?
How confident are you to make such decision in life?

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